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tv   Newsline  PBS  April 16, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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. it is. chew the child. nhk world islam and you know tony in tokyo here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am a south korean passenger ferry carrying about four hundred and sixty people have signed on the country's southwestern college. those on board remained missing. bringing government forces are intensifying their presence in the country's western region. people in india to
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the top spot on next year for some it's become a valuable commodity in britain around two hundred and eighty people are missing after a passenger ferry sank off the southern coast of south korea at least four people have been confirmed and rescue operations continued late into the night the ship sailed it was heading from being shown to the island of change you can send out a distress signal about twenty km off the jingle ireland and around nine am local time the vessel was carrying about four hundred sixty passengers and crew. about three hundred were high school students on a trip from the city of peace on your soul. coast guard officials said helicopters and rescue boats. they say they've recovered four bodies of male student and a female crew member are among them before the ferry sank rescuers banged on
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the bottom to try to determine if anyone was trapped but a rescue boat captain said once the ship was on its side. it's a very fast the priority of the rescue operations. we will make the most tickets to see the two forms of life has become a new maturity military personnel and special rescue teams including one hundred sixty diverse work in the area to search for the missing the announcement said we should stay where we work but the ship was already sinking. students could not get snow the other. the un other. intense confusion after the accident. in
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the family members and loved ones furious risky officials initially announced more than three and sixty people had been saved but the leader revise the figure down to about one hundred seventy and in the monkey's we mistakenly made a double counts of many survivors this. local meteorologists say conditions were foggy around the accident site. the ferry operator says the ship left in china about three hours behind schedule due to the fog. and for more on the weather conditions where the accident happened to we have our meteorologist jonathon of jonathan. on this very common for the western portions of the korean peninsula this time of year because of the interaction of cold water and also won once they are moving into the area here's a look at the visible satellite image that came in just a few hours after distress signals received from the ferry you can clearly see the area of
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the dense fog line up the korean peninsula the reason why this takes place because sea surface temperatures in europe and ten to thirteen degrees which is very cold water is being hit with a warm moist air from high pressure and when the interaction takes place you have very thick fog. it is persistent or the area and the problem and complicating the rescue efforts is that back to the dense fog is expected to linger as we go into thursday afternoon on top of that rain is also expects to move into the korean peninsula said that will continue to hamper rescue efforts. in addition to what her captors because they are calling her from ten to thirteen degrees hypothermia set in as early as thirty minutes will have a look at the rest of the world whether in just a bit jonathan thanks government forces are intensifying their military presence in eastern ukraine. she is injured and government sent troops to do nests on tuesday dave
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regained control of the military airport from rebels. there have been no reports the recaptured other facilities but on wednesday morning. ukrainian warplanes were seen flying low over the simplicity of dentists in the suburbs of sloppy as ukrainian military tanks and helicopters from the movie indicating that the interim government is preparing for further operations. he's a pro moscow separate as footage from sunday at shows for armored vehicles blocking roads near local government building. masked and armed man can be seen on guard near the vehicles but it's unclear whether they are ukrainian soldiers are pro russian militants footage also shows armored vehicles adorned with the russian flag the associated press says the ukrainian troops that went over to the pro russian side in eleven cities and towns in the country's eastern religions continue occupying the buildings of security and government authorities. some extremists had issued a statement asking for military intervention by
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russia. japanese scientists as the existence of steps else is a rational hypothesis that should be verified your skis us i oversaw the compilation of disputed papers are purportedly new kind of stem cell. the size deputy director of the weekend center for developmental biology. most of them owned a gun would allow kids to these problems should not have occurred. i'm deeply ashamed of the fact that i could tell that the deficiencies that were in the thesis. you know many of us she held a press conference in tokyo wednesday to mark his first appearance since the papers are published in the journal nature in january. sa size and he only took part in the last stage of writing the papers of how to pull oval cut that would lead the study bubble cut center team members claim to have found a new way to create cells can grow into any type of tissue. they said their
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method allowed mature in animal cells to be re programmed. they named the phenomenon stay with this triggered acquisition of cleary potency or staff time the cells were questioned the findings and investigators and began to probe for word determine the study contains also the case since they criticize the cipher not verify the legitimacy and accuracy of the day they used in the papers some size of the existence of steps else should be considered a hypothesis and must be verified but is highly rational and he said retracting the papers is the most appropriate decision because their reliability has been undermined. the japanese laura house committee is urging the government to continue its research whaling been unanimously adopted a resolution demanding the program be re designed last month the international court of justice ordered japan to suspend wheeling in the aunt arctic ocean. it said the program does not qualify as scientific research. the new resolution
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expresses deep regret over the decision but it notes the ruling does not reject research whaling. emma calls it a part of japan's culture and tradition i could document asks the government to make necessary changes to the program that includes clarifying the clan calculations of its whale coded to show that the country is conducting research. the government has already called up research whaling in the uncharted body has not yet decided whether to go ahead with another program in the north western pacific. if lee was able to sell their next week the areas not covered by the ruling on wednesday morning and as uncaring whalers meanwhile left a port in central japan to take part in next week's research. a member of the local fishermen's associations and whalers have been shaken by the ruling. the japanese government decided to go ahead with next week's we sit waiting for them. some government officials say research whaling in the northeastern part of japan should be carried out as scheduled but others are
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weary of avenue case could be filed against japan if it resumes wally. i am melbourne docks once the world's largest nickel in exchanges says. a tokyo court has rejected its plan to rebuild the company. logan's executives say the court will order them to start in bankruptcy proceedings and an appropriate date. the doc said in a statement that the tokyo district court has dismissed the company's application for civil rehabilitation. the court also issued an order for provisional administration of the firm's assets. the court says the probe into the last minute coins is taking too long and there's no prospect gets a finding sponsors for the back rehabilitation exchange for the virtual currency file for bankruptcy protection in japan in february. mild cox collapsed after reporting that hackers
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stole a gun to fifty thousand of coins held by its clients in the exchange. black executives later said two hundred thousand of the last bit coins were found but they set up to twenty seven million dollars in clients' cash deposits remain missing the chinese economic engine seems to be during the down analyst with the national bureau of statistics and headed to opt their latest numbers on domestic or gross gross domestic product in the figures for the first quarter provide more evidence that their economy is losing momentum. gdp grew a year on year by seven point four percent the figure is down zero point three percentage point from the previous quarter the economy has hit its slowest pace of growth since the third quarter two thousand and twelve consumption makes up about a third of gdp but it's slow and production as to exports and empowering an economic expansion but over the past few months they've fallen
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sharply. what if i knew the job. most of the condition of the world economy inevitably affects exported from our country when officials say the figure is within the target around seven and a half percent of a certain rate of growth has to be maintained to create more jobs and they say there are enough openings for those looking for work. japanese and american trade officials have yet to make a breakthrough in talks aimed at crafting an asia pacific free trade pact but a japanese negotiator is sounding not commit optimistic as pressure mounts to reach a deal before prime minister shinzo on the hosts us president barack obama at a summit next week deputy chief negotiator. you know she'll always met in washington with his counterpart when the collar to discuss details of a trans pacific trade partnership the hope that it the way for talks later this week between top trade officials from the two countries polaris as
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he and color are starting to find common ground. we have not yet merit the gaps between us. but i'd say we are making progress in negotiations japanese and us trade officials have locked horns over japan's tariffs on imported beef. that is as or for the league discuss measures to allow japan to raise tariffs temporarily if beef imports surge. they also exchanged opinions on tariffs and dairy products such as cheese executives at general motors say there are refocusing on safety team officials failed to fix a defect that caused the deaths of at least thirteen people and really executives have been under fire for their slow response to a fault in the ignition switch is in some cars. the company's new ceo says she entered colleagues have created what they call a global product integrity organization. this
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new way of developing vehicles provide the highest levels of safety quality and customer service. ensure that a situation like the nation's history comp doesn't happen again. fifty six cars engines to shut down during driving in the disabled airbags the company has recalled two point six million cars legislatures are looking into allegations. gm officials knew about the problem for more than a decade but failed to take action. suzuki border has developed a hybrid system for compact vehicles engineers fbi maker and to make their cars run forty km tunnel a liter of gasoline suzuki's new system combines a power generator in a mortar in a smaller and lighter than those of its competitors they didn't introduce compact hybrid system as possible says that the engineers also succeeded in making the vehicle framework lighter. that's to make the cars more fuel efficient. an executive at
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the automaker's as the goal is to meet demand for low cost hundreds in emerging economies the new middle classes in emerging countries across the world are driving growth in demand for all sorts of goods from automobiles to country handbags but not all of them are so obvious in hk rules and cheekily reports from india on a product that the booming even if it stopped growing the southern indian state of underprivileged and who wouldn't want him to publication. in two days ago they didn't know. i took from it. leaks be a valuable commodity the eye. the ad
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been able to find the freedom i hear this. he is eager to let them continue the recruits. this company has contracts to temper this template uses as much as sixty dollars a year. we had demanded for me which school you could make india india when he was born in this product. the market price. ok i did to them. this is more than two hundred dollarsrsrsrsrsla of them. be mindful of weeks is going with the expansion of them and he loves it did nothing because of these. you can come on a premium price because the first squad team . it is
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in action. he's not coming weeks. reduce heat. the ship no excuse or on to produce the deal. the temple we saw currents about one point one million dollars a year selling here are some people have criticized temples for earning money by selling religious offerings but officials say the profits benefit the leaders fear the latest to market figures the eye. it is. south. well
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the thousand demonstrators in brazil have taken to the streets of sao paolo there are angry about government spending on the world cup. organizers are using taxpayer money to build a new soccer stadiums and make other preparations protesters say the money should be used instead for medical services. they held banners reading the world cup is sick and healthcare drizzle is over and done. i can get. we don't have enough medical facility. government spending huge amounts of money on the world cup resilience can even afford it. protesters also held demonstrations last year when it was so close to the considerations of
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the world cup kicks off in june protesters are planning or at least in most cities many runners train for two years to take part in the boston marathon but never crossed the finish line after two deadly bombings three of them killed and more than two hundred wounded one year ago some of the survivors returned to honor the victims and celebrate the city's resilience. nhk world series how am i reports. a in the heart of boston for the bombings took place thousands of people attended the one year anniversary tribute. among them were many survivors. some have lost their legs and no artificial limbs. some were still in wheelchairs. many cried remembering the horrors of that day and the loss of
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their loved ones. many end is in many attendees will take part in this year's marathon on monday. they say they want to cross the finish line which is right over there this is what they could not one year ago. on the state last year. at least august is nearing the finish line when she heard the blasts. she kept on running towards the sites to treat the injured. here is the internet and the human rights israel is right here's where i started working when the nanny she treated me and spectators did not survive. so the still struggles with that. on its she feels guilty both as a run and knowing the young woman was there to cheer her on. and as a doctor was unable to save her life. now
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she believes that crossing the finish line will bring some closure. show these people who are evil and who tried to knock us down any show that we are weak and be knocked down and come back tmr to come back stronger and i'm finishing this race this year has its good to be the yearlong journey is finally over for others is the seeming can only come with the prosecution of those responsible for the attack peter brown's nephews gp and pulp fell victim to the second last. jp lost his right leg below the knee palm os is full right leg and both suffered severe burns a hearing loss the brothers had undergone countless surgeries and will require more. both continue physical therapy with their prosthetic legs. i'll be grappling with how this could happen to his nephews. peter has been closely following
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the case against the q's vomit. the bombings were allegedly carried out but too weak and ethnic chechen brothers tamil and engine parts and nine. they had sought asylum in the us about ten years earlier. and i during a shootout with police with captured and now awaits trial. last july. peter attended to her as iranians his first appearance since the bombings. he pleaded not guilty to all thirty counts against him the men around her and her numerous times the department of justice has announced that it would seek the death penalty. peter plan to be back in court nov when the trial is set to begin the couple different one. the closer for this for me. when the trials. one year after the attack. many are struggling with their
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physical wounds and many more are still looking for answers as to why the perpetrators carried out the stench the attack. every now and an nhk world boston our meteorologist jonathan was back with the rest of the weather around the globe jonathan. well high pressures controlling most of the western pacific and that's allowing for very fair weather conditions in japan we are seen in development of the station from the warm air in the quarter interacting in milan this finds that the lovely sharon at last it's going to be pushing for the east bringing some rain into the korean peninsula into thursday in western japan has to go into the latter part of the week twenty six the highest on heidi and drenched with rain for the past few days more rain is expected for them tom g and twenty seven also in hong kong and looks at the tokyo is going to see a high of twenty three degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies with a look at the forecast in the america
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as we are still looking out for some fire danger weather for the desert southwest as trying conditions coupled with strong winds can t to control the pot the country meanwhile the eastern side the us we are seeing improving conditions when it comes to the rain the big dip in temperatures will become bare the temperature for tuesday morning into wednesday morning at eight am to twelve degree drop for the eastern seaboard so very chilly temperatures while the mid west and central plains are seeing temperatures about ten degrees warmer compared to tuesday morning into wednesday morning to try weather for most of the country we are still low pressure system bringing in some snow for the upper great lakes into parts of wisconsin and michigan. but check out these temperatures we're going see below average highs when apec pronto as far south of atlanta. you're going to be below twenty degrees but the rest of the week your average height is twenty three so it's going to be a chilly forecasts for the good portion of the of the eastern portion of canada and the united states take a look
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at your own high pressure is now expanding its influence twenty east to more pleasant weather is writing for the eastern nations but it looks like a low pressure will continue to bring rain for italy and parts of the balkan peninsula. i should be anywhere from ninety in paris madrid were dry for the past few days are expected to bring her purse at the height twenty seven degrees and dots for the keys temperatures are rebounding back into the mid teens but sixteenth tee at the winter rain expected for youthful high in warsaw and tuna species mostly sunny skies with temperatures topping off at fourteen degrees. opm a good day wherever you walk here's a look at your extended forecast. i am noon
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it is the choose life. thus our genome. this year
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the top sch the city to any skin world's tv. obviously the selection of bands from this week's lineup carried out with our airspace the town of oak room i was designated as unsuitable for the big hit of radiation levels. but several former local officials have volunteered to look after the affected area. they call themselves the old guys. this is their story. next is the new program on sunday side by side which reports on
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japanese assistance programs in developing nations. last november the philippines was hit by huge typhoon. japanese aid workers rushed to the scene and the act of greenpeace in helping the country's recovery efforts. ever since. last is a book project and also once and a big s this time. if you don't see jack so. she is a well known author became a monk at the age of fifty one she has been preaching and writing for the past forty years and still remains influential. robert campbell talked to her about her long eventful life. please check our website for the bot can schedule your time zone and state earrings to nhk world tv. i was getting the gold
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